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5 Winter Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

Wintertime, especially around the holidays, often makes homeowners more aware of interior winter pest issues that may have gone unnoticed during warmer months. Homeowners are spending more time indoors, and cleaning the house for holiday parties. The following tips can help prevent common pests like spiders, mice, stink bugs, and ants from making their way indoors. 

Don’t let bugs and rodents keep you from enjoying the warmth of your home this winter, by taking the following steps to help prevent pest activity. If you’re dealing with a severe insect or mice infestation, these tips work best alongside professional bug and mouse removal services.

Clean Up During and After the Holidays 

christmas cookies with a red and white bowThe holiday season brings its own set of unique pest management issues. All the extra treats and visitors often contribute to common winter pest issues such as mice infestations, Christmas tree insects, and ants in the dining and kitchen areas. 

To prevent holiday pest activity, make sure to keep your home clean during and after the holidays. By taking some of these steps, you’re ensuring you start your new year in a pest free home. 

  • Sweep daily in high trafficked areas
  • Inspect holiday bins for mice droppings or nesting
  • Wipe down counters
  • Dispose of Christmas trees, garland, and wreaths ASAP 

Perform an Exterior Inspection and Repair Damages

Spiders, mice, and ants all enter homes through small gaps or cracks, often found on the lower level of the home. It’s important to inspect the exterior of your home each season for any current or potential damage. Important things to look for include damaged weather stripping and vents, damaged siding, broken screens, and gaps or cracks in the foundation.

Not only will taking these steps help reduce interior pest activity during the winter, but replacing weather stripping and gaps in the building, can help reduce cooling costs as well. In some cases, you may be able to install additional pest proofing screens on vents to take an additional step to protect your home. No matter how well you keep the interior of the home clean, exterior entry points, if not repaired will continue to attract unwanted winter pests to your home. 

Replace Boxes with Plastic, Sealed Containers

Once you’ve ensured that entry points have been reduced or eliminated; it’s important to ensure that your belongings are protected from potential future infestations. Mice love cardboard and often make their nests in cardboard boxes in basements, garages, attics, and closets. It could take several weeks, months, or years, before homeowners notice droppings in storage containers and boxes.

One step that can help prevent mice nesting in your belongings is to store them in sealed, plastic containers. Doing so will also help protect your belongings from moisture and dust. By eliminating potential nesting locations for mice, you’re helping reduce the chances of mice infestations occurring in your home. 

Get a Head Start On Spring Cleaning

Brush with white backgroundSince you’re replacing storage boxes with plastic solutions, it’s also a good time to get a head start on spring cleaning. Often times, mice are left undetected in high cluttered areas, with little human traffic. Inspect your belongings and organize storage spaces such as garages, attics, basements, and closets. In addition to sorting clutter, it’s a good time to clean hard to reach places like behind stoves and refrigerators, inside cabinets, and under beds. Getting a head start on your spring cleaning during the winter, will give you more time to spend on outdoor activities and chores, when it warms up again in the spring.

Dehumidify the Home

Even though winter is the driest season, there may still be parts of your home that are attracting moisture. Cold outdoor temperatures, coupled with toasty, heated homes can be a breeding ground for moisture prone pests like silverfish, ants, springtails, and even mosquitoes (yes, mosquitoes can live indoors during the winter)! Address sources of moisture, such as drafts and leaks; and consider a dehumidifier in high moisture areas like bathrooms and basements. 

Protect Your Home From Winter Pests with Spidexx

Dealing with pests like ants, spiders, and mice during the winter can be an indication that the home has had recurring or unmanaged pest issues. These prevention tips work best when used alongside regular maintenance services from a professional pest control spray company. When comparing insect and mice exterminator costs and benefits, trust the experts at Spidexx Pest Control. We’re equipped to tackle any winter pest issue, no matter how severe. We aim to protect your home from unwanted pests year round!

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