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The Garden Spider


The sight of a female Garden Spider in your yard may be very scary. Females can grow to be 19-24 mm in length, 3 times the size of the male Garden Spider. Females also have the distinctive black coloring underneath a yellow symmetrical pattern, unlike the males that tend to have a more brownish color with fewer yellow markings. While the Garden Spider may have an imposing appearance, and their bites do produce a certain type of venom, this venom is not deadly to humans. It is, however, fatal to the flies, bees, and other insects that find themselves tangled in the Garden Spider’s unique web.


The Garden Spider is an orb-weaving arachnid. This simply means that their webs are circular, as opposed to the flattened out, somewhat pentagonal shape that usually comes to our mind when we think of a spider web. They spin these webs in sunny, vegetated areas. They are most often found in gardens and meadows. Although, their eyesight is quite weak, they can acutely sense vibrations in their web. Oftentimes, the female will hide in nearby vegetation while still connected to the web with a single silk thread. As soon as prey has stumbled into the web, she’ll feel the vibration and will quickly come up to claim her lunch.

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