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Pantry Pests


A pantry pest is any pest that whole or processed food in the home. Beetles and moths are the most notorious pantry pests, but mice are also considered to pantry pests. Most pantry pests can chew through paper, cardboard and foil, making it especially difficult to protect your food from disease-spreading pests. They’re commonly found eating flour, cereal, pasta, baking mixes, dried fruit, popcorn and spices, though pet food, bird seed, and dried flowers are also susceptible.


To reduce your risk of attracting pantry pests, there are a few things you can do. For starters, put your older food towards the front of the pantry to ensure you eat it first. The less time your food spends sitting on the shelf, the less chance it has of attracting pests. Secondly, you should regularly vacuum and wipe out pantry shelves or any area where food is stored. This reduces the amount of dust and crumbs in your storage space. Good sanitation is always a good step in pest control.

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