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Pill Bugs



Pill bugs are known by a number of aliases, including potato bugs, wood lice, and, of course, roly polies. They earned at least a couple of their nicknames from their ability to curl into a tight ball when threatened. While they may look like a relatively typical insect, they’re not insects at all. They are crustaceans, meaning they’re related to shrimp and crabs. Like other crustaceans, they breathe through gills and need to live in moist environments to breathe. They will, however, die, if submerged in too much water for too long. They are often found in moist, shaded places, like gardens or under rocks.


When they do venture indoors they usually do not survive long on their own because the new environment is too dry. If you wish to avoid having pill bugs in your home, a simple step is to reduce the moisture in your home. Repair leaks right away. Invest in a dehumidifier for the basement. They are a relatively harmless household pest in that they do not cause major structural damage and they do not bite people.

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