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The Brown Recluse


The name “Brown Recluse” is usually enough to strike fear into the hearts of people living in the southern and midwest states of America, especially those who are camping or are near water. They have arguably the most dangerous bite of all North American spiders. They only bite when they feel threatened, but, unfortunately it can be quite easy to threaten a Brown Recluse because they enjoy hiding in bedding, clothing, closets, and and any dark or damp area in the home.They’ve even been found hiding under patios and porches.Their bite can have devastating effects, including a general rotting away of the skin surrounding the bite.


Luckily there are a few distinguishing characteristics associate with the Brown Recluse that can alert you to take extra precaution and care. They have six eyes, as opposed to most other species of spiders that have eight. They have many fine hairs on their abdomen that give them a velvety appearance. And, as their name would suggest, they tend to be a light brown color and tend to shy away from human contact.

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