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Commercial Pest Control Services

No matter what kind of business you’re in, we have a solution for you. Find out what you can expect from your Spidexx service.


Pest control for business is a little trickier than home pest control. Each business and industry has highly unique needs and pest concerns, and therefore, each one requires a custom approach to its pest control services. For example, bed bugs are a big concern for hotels while fleas are an issue for kennels. These facilities run differently in unique environments and require special pest control protocol for working around their various types of occupants.

While many commercial pest control companies take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, the Spidexx team takes the time necessary to truly grasp your business and its daily functions. We take this understanding and use it to form an effective pest management plan to eradicate and prevent pests so that you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

Spidexx has many years of experience developing individual treatment plans that address the concerns of varying industries, so no matter what kind of business you’re in, we have a customized solution for you and will work with care to deliver the appropriate treatment for your property. Our locally-based team proudly serves the needs of the following industries:


Food & Beverage Processing

Food Service




Office Buildings






Day Cares

High-Quality Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Our commercial pest control services are the most effective way to oust rodents and insects, such as cockroaches, spiders, flies, mosquitos, and more from your business site. We implement safe yet potent sprays and traps that target your problem pests but are safe for your clients and employees. Schedule a one-time infestation removal or sign up for annual treatment on an ongoing basis. Give us a call today to learn more about our products and methods.

What to Expect From Your Commercial Exterminator

Our exterminators understand the importance of doing our job well in order to ensure the clean and positive reputation of your company. You can expect nothing less than exceptional service each time you work with us. Our work is designed to be minimally disruptive to your day-to-day operations, and you can trust our team to be professional and friendly around your patrons. We also stand by our work, so if you start seeing any other pest problems arise in-between services, we will provide you with free emergency treatment.

about_manBusiness Protection Against Destructive Pests

No matter what industry your business is in, having even just one pest can be a big problem. If left unmanaged, that one pest can become an infestation that could have a negative financial impact or worse, ruin the quality of your reputation. Having a commercial exterminator from Spidexx on your team is a great way to avoid a disastrous situation. Our Ultimate Protection Guarantee will be the armor you need to protect your business against these damaging pests.

A Full Property Inspection for Your Commercial Premises

During our first visit, we will do a full inspection of your entire property with you. In order for us to be partners, we need to understand how your business works and what areas are your biggest concerns.
We will be looking for the following:

  • Points of Entry – Small cracks and crevices where pests can continue to enter your facility.
  • Potential Food Sources – Even the smallest of crumbs can be a feast for a hungry pest.
  • Available Water Sources – Pests need water daily so any areas that have readily available water can be a breeding ground for pests.
  • Nesting Areas – Most pests don’t want to be seen by us humans. They will create their nests or hiding spots in dark areas far away from traffic as possible.

Customized Commercial Pest Control Plans

Once we have done our full inspection, we will work with you on a plan of attack. Managing a pest issue is a team effort. We will let you know what areas of your business are contributing to the survival of the pests in your facility. Whether it is a plumbing leak or employees leaving crumbs in the break room, there are ways that we will need you to help so that our treatment plan works quickly and efficiently. We will work out a custom treatment schedule based on the types of pests you are experiencing. Between your company and ours, we will get your pest issues under control.


commerical_badgeSpidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Our Protection Guarantee promises that you will receive the quickest solution to your pest problem and free retreatments whenever you need them. You can contact us at your convenience for more information about our guarantee.

  • Same Day Response – Contact us with your pest control issues and we will have a proposed solutions that same day.
  • No-Stress Solutions – Any time you experience a new pest issue, just give us a call and we will handle it.
  • Personal and Custom Treatment Plans – We understand that no two pest issues are the same. Our plans are designed to be customized to your industry and pest issues.