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Pest of the Month: Mice

By Katie Nelson

There’s no questions, here at Spidexx Pest Control, what our Pest of the Month should be for December. We’ve been receiving daily calls for rodent services, and they’re not slowing down! Mice become a serious issue for homeowners as winter is in full swing. They are looking for warm places to live over the winter, which means they’re making their way into heated homes and businesses. Mice breed very quickly, and a mouse population can quickly turn into an infestation that requires professional extermination services. Do you suspect you may have a mouse in your home? Read below to learn signs of mice activity in the home, and remember to trust the professionals when dealing with mouse pest control. Mice can carry diseases and potentially be harmful to your family.

rodent-servicesSigns of Mice in Your Home

There are several signs of mice activity that you should be aware of. If you’re seeing one or more of these signs, you will need to deal with the issue quickly to ensure that the mice don’t have time to continue to breed. Here are some common signs you might see in your home:

  1. Visible droppings – Droppings are (to put it simply) mice poop, and will be found anywhere mice have been travelling. You might go through an old box in your basement and see them, or see them in the cabinets. A trained pest control technician will be able to locate droppings, and based on their “trails” help to determine access points.
  2. Tunneling in insulation – Mice usually nest within the wall/floor voids, and travel within them throughout the house to find food. When they travel, they leave tunnels in the insulation, that can help technicians locate their access points. On an inspection, a pest control expert will usually check in the insulation where he can to 100% determine a mouse presence in the home.
  3. Scratching in the walls – You can usually hear mice traveling in the walls overnight, as they are nocturnal. If you’ve been awoken by the sound of scratching in your walls, it’s definitely time to call an exterminator.
  4. Live or dead mice – A sure sign of mice in the home is seeing live or dead ones. Usually if you see a live mouse it’s just for a few seconds as they dash across the floor. If you do see one, the sight of them is usually pretty terrifying. Finding dead mice isn’t any more pleasurable. Worst case scenario, the dead mouse gets trapped somewhere within the wall voids, which may require removing part of the home to access it.

mice-infestationHow Mice Get Into Homes

Mice enter homes through small gaps or cracks in the home. Typically they come through water and gas lines, cracks in the foundation and siding, and even sometimes just through the front or back door. When you receive a mouse removal service, your technician will be working hard to determine the entry points for the mice, to help resolve the issue long term. There may always be access points in certain homes, that are hidden within the building of the home. Sometimes, maintenance treatments are required for homes with large mouse populations outside, and hidden access points.

mice-reproductive-cycleMice Reproductive Cycles

Mice breed quickly! If you’ve seen more than a couple mice, chances are that a large population is beginning to form somewhere in the home. Breeding occurs throughout the year and the gestation period is about 19-21 days. Typical litters are between 3-14 young, with an average of 6-8. The larger the population in the home, the more work that will be required to completely exterminate them from the home.

ProActive Blog with Logo (4) mouse-familyHow to Remove and Prevent Infestations

Many people try at home mouse removal services like sticky traps or regular traps. While that might work if you have a single mouse in your house, until access points are sealed off the issues will continue, year-after-year (and usually get worse over time). We believe that alongside a mouse removal service, it will be necessary to prevent infestations in the future by regularly checking the home for signs of new access points.

Perform Quarterly Pest Prevention Checks on Your Home

Although mice are more common in the fall/winter, they are found year round in homes and businesses. This winter, it’s crucial to take extra steps to prevent pests like mice from entering your home. Even before, there are several ways you can prevent pests each season. Our Fall Pest Control Checklist helps you understand how to get the most out of our pest control services, and to protect your home, year after year.

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