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Residential Pest Control Services


Common Household Pests and Signs of Their Presence

Your home should be a place of refuge for you and your family, not for house pests. If you’re beginning to notice the presence of ants, cockroaches, mice, or other pests around your premises, it’s very likely that there are more of them making themselves comfortable in those hidden nooks and crannies of your property. Knowing what to look for will help you catch any infestations early on and understand when to turn to an in-home pest control service.


Although ants might not seem like a big deal, certain ant species (such as fire ants and carpenter ants) can cause structural damage to your house and pose health threats to your family and pets. If you consistently notice ants making their way through your home, ravaging your exposed food or your dog’s food bowl, check for signs of nesting outside. You may notice a mound of dirt that is housing an ant colony. Anthills should only be handled only by residential pest control services.


Like ants, flies are common to homes and don’t appear to cause any major problems, but they should be taken seriously. House flies carry harmful, illness-causing bacteria and can spread it around your food sources with ease. Watch for them around water sources and look for their feces around light fixtures; their waste will appear as small black pin-sized specks. You’ll know that flies are breeding in your home if you find maggots in your garbage can or around rotting food. When this is the case, call our home pest control crew for help.


Living in Iowa or Nebraska, you should be especially cognizant of termites. These destructive pests can destroy the very foundation of your home in as little as three years if left untreated by a residential pest control specialist. Be especially aware of the condition of your wood floors and other wood surfaces. If you notice holes, sagging, or a hollow sound in your wood structures, you may have an infestation. Further signs include piles of termite wings, tan termite droppings that resemble sawdust, and mud trails along outside walls.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice carry disease, musty odors, and cause costly damage to the homes they invade. They love to nest in shredded paper and burrow in the walls of homes, in cabinets, and behind appliances as well as in garbage and heavily weeded areas. Keep an eye out for holes in the walls, mouse droppings, grease trails, chewed electrical wiring, and small footprints in dusty places. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear scratching, squeaking, or scurrying sounds inside the walls. When in doubt, schedule a home pest inspection.


Iowa and Nebraska are home to a healthy wood cockroach population. These repugnant pests carry a host of horrific bacterial and viral diseases, including typhoid, polio, staph, and even dysentery. Roaches will make their homes in dark and damp areas, such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and drains. Their presence is marked by a distinct musty, oily smell, and they leave behind black droppings and irregularly shaped, dark brown smears on the lower half of walls. Wood cockroaches are likely to nest in wood siding and shingles, it’s important to rely on residential pest control services to locate and eliminate them from your home.

High-Quality Home Pest Control Solutions

Our exterminators at Spidexx offer a wide array of pest control products and application methods to meet the needs of your pest infestation. We’re very familiar with the pest species that are indigenous to Iowa and Nebraska, and we know the most effective ways to eradicate any type of local insect or rodent you may encounter. Call our residential pest control team to learn more or to set up a contract for regular treatments.


What to Expect From Your In-Home Pest Control Professional

Many companies approach pest problems in the same general manner. At Spidexx, we customize our approach depending not only on the pest you’re dealing with but also with the shape and size of your home. When you have a Spidexx technician at your home, you can count on high quality, thorough service from a friendly local technician. You will begin to see a decrease in the number of pests around your home and if there are any additional problems in between services, you’ll receive free emergency treatments.

Each Home Gets a Custom Residential Pest Control Treatment

When looking for a pest control service, you want to find a company that will treat your specific problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. At Spidexx, we provide an individualized approach. Instead of spraying product on every surface of your home, we use a more strategic approach. We take into account vulnerable entry points, areas where you’ve seen the most bug activity, and the overall layout of the property and the landscaping. We notice whether your patio is made mostly of wood or brick and we understand how that changes our plan of attack.
When your pest control company works to solve your specific problem, they solve the problem faster. Spidexx works with you, on your time and within your budget, to get the job done right.

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Nothing is more frustrating than setting up an appointment with somebody only to have them show up late, or not at all! At Spidexx, we take professionalism very seriously. When we make a commitment to you, we understand that your time is important. We do everything in our power to stay with our appointment time. On occasion, there’s heavy traffic or a problem at the previous home may need extra special attention. Should we fall behind for any reason, you will receive a phone call from your technician.

2Custom Solutions

Your home is unique and you deserve a unique kind of pest control. We tailor our approach depending on the layout of your home and the pests you’re dealing with. We also tailor our contracts to fit your particular needs and budget. If you only need us out one time, we’ll do our best to eliminate the problem immediately. If you want us out for regular maintenance, we will gladly come out regularly. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

3Guaranteed Results

At Spidexx, our number one priority is great customer service. We want you to be happy with the work we provide, and if you’re not, we will come back and make it right. We provide free re-treatments in between services if the bugs come back. We use the safest, most effective sprays available. We provide thorough, extensive treatment on the inside and outside of your home. No matter what pest problem you’re dealing with, we guarantee you’ll see results. Call Spidexx for help getting rid of you mice and bugs.

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