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Escaping Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are blood feeding insects that have become a major problem in cities across the world, more commonly in urban locations. They have existed for thousands of years, and date back to ancient Roman and Egyptian times. If you’ve ever dealt with bed bugs, you understand the total nightmare they create in a household. This is part 1 of a 3 ...

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Spring Pest Control Checklist

Spring is just around the corner, which means that insect activity is about to be in full swing! Living in the Midwest, it can be difficult to predict exactly when the spring warm up will occur (despite having a national holiday with a groundhog attempting to do just that). With that being said, it will be important to get a ...

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What is the Study of Entomology?

Do you have a passion for learning about insects, their anatomy, and the many ways the effect life on earth? Were you the kid who collected bugs to dissect and study? Do you believe that understanding insects role in our development can help us to further advance our civilization, and improve our environment? If so, then you would be a ...

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“Bug” of the Month: Spiders

Despite the title of the post, Spiders are not bugs or insects. Spiders are arthropods, with eight legs, that breathe air. They are found in every part of the world except Antarctica. Spiders are predatory and have fangs that can inject venom into their prey. According to the World Spider Catalog, there are currently over 47,000 species of spiders in ...

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5 Tips for a Pest Free New Year

Are you tired of dealing with the same insect and rodent issues, year after year? Do you struggle with pests like ants invading your kitchen in the spring, or mice taking over your cabinets in the winter? Don’t let another year go by without protecting your home from unwanted insects and rodents. In addition to regular pest control maintenance services, ...

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Pest of the Month: Mice

There’s no questions, here at Spidexx Pest Control, what our Pest of the Month should be for December. We’ve been receiving daily calls for rodent services, and they’re not slowing down! Mice become a serious issue for homeowners as winter is in full swing. They are looking for warm places to live over the winter, which means they’re making their ...

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The Spidexx Winter Pest Control Checklist

Winter is here! Its brought with it holiday cheer, freezing temperatures, and the shift of pest activity from the exterior to the interior of homes. Insects are living within wall voids to overwinter, and mice are seeking out access points to nest indoors. Common winter pests are mice, spiders, and ants. It’s crucial to protect your home year round from ...

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6 More of the United States Craziest Insects

Last month we shared our top 6 choices for the craziest insects in the United States, and this post shares 6 more. Not all of these are found in the Midwest, and most of them are common in the southern portion of the United States. However, if you do see one of these pests, proceed with caution and contact a ...

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Protecting Your Home Year Round from Pests

A huge misconception about pest control is that aren’t any issues during the winter. Actually, it’s often quite the opposite! Homes that are experiencing issues throughout the winter are usually homes where a hidden pest control problem has gone undetected for several seasons. Insects like ants may go into your home for a brief time in search of food, or ...

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Fall Pest Control Check List

As temperatures start to drop, we welcome Autumn, which means raking leaves, pumpkin spice, Halloween, and autumn insects and rodents. Common fall pests include ants, wasps, mice, and spiders. Leaves falling produces extra foliage to attract insects, and it’s crucial to maintain a clean yard, and to inspect the perimeter, as well as garages and sheds for signs of damage ...

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